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Lee Hall

The Pitmen Painters

Inspired by the book by William Feaver
First Slovene Production

Opening 13 May 2011

The Pitmen Painters is a play based on actual facts, and inspired by the book about the Ashington Group of painters by the art critic William Feaver. Following a sell-out run at Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne in 2007, and its immediate transfer to the Royal National Theatre in London in 2008, a Broadway production opened on 30 September 2010 featuring the original cast.
The action of The Pitmen Painters takes place between the years 1934 and 1947 when Ashington Group achieved its breakthrough and enjoyed its biggest success. In 1934 a group of miners in Ashington decided to embark on an adult education class in Economics. As they failed to find a tutor on a short notice, they hired an art historian, Robert Lyon. Astounded by his approach, the miners realized that they wouldn’t be learning about art quite the way they had imagined. They started enquiring about art and debating about its essence and purpose. And in no time they took up painting too. Some of them became artists in their own right, although they still worked in the pits.
The Pitmen Painters is an eloquent drama full of intelligent, witty, and truly virtuoso dialogue about art and life, about friendship, companionship and love, about our relation to art, and, ultimately, about common uneducated miners discovering art and creating extraordinary things.
Translator Tina Mahkota
Director and Set Designer Samo M. Strelec
Dramaturg Tatjana Doma
Costume Designers Leo Kulaš and Svetlana Vizintin
Language Consultant Jože Volk
Video Feature by Jaka Polutnik


George Brown Renato Jenček
Oliver Kilbourn Tarek Rashid
Jimmy Floyd David Čeh
Young Lad Blaž Setnikar
Harry Wilson Bojan Umek
Robert Lyon Branko Završan
Susan Parks Nina Rakovec
Helen Sutherland Lučka Počkaj
Ben Nicholson Rastko Krošl
Butler, Chauffeur Igor Sancin
  • Blaž Setnikar, Renato Jenček, Bojan Umek, Tarek Rashid, David Čeh

  • Brako Završan, Blaž Setnikar, Bojan Umek, Renato Čeh, Tarek Rashid

  • Branko Završan, Renato Jenček, Blaž Setnikar, Bojan Umek

  • Branko Završan, Renato Jenček, Blaž Setnikar, Bojan Umek, Tarek Rashid, David Čeh

  • Branko Završan, Tarek Rashid, David Čeh

  • David Čeh, Bojan Umek, Blaž Setnikar, Renato Jenček, Tarek Rashid

  • David Čeh, Renato Jenček, Lučka Počkaj, Branko Završan, Bojan Umek, Blaž Setnikar, Tarek Rashid

  • David Čeh, Tarek Rashid, Nina Rakovec, Renato Jenček

  • Nina Rakovec, Renato jenček, Bojan Umek, Branko Završan, Tarek Rashid, Lučka Počkaj

  • Renato Jenček, David Čeh, Tarek Rashid, Bojan Umek, Blaž Setnikar

  • Tarek Rashid, Blaž Setnikar, Renato Jenček, Branko Završan, Bojan Umek, David Čeh

  • Tarek Rashid, Branko Završan

  • Tarek Rashid, Lučka Počkaj

  • Tarek Rashid, Rastko Krošl