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Johnna Adams

Gidion’s Knot

Director Ajda Valcl
First Slovenian production
Openings December 2020


Johnna Adams graduated from the prestigious Theater School at DePaul University’s and earned a master's degree in playwriting from Hunter College. She has written more than 20 plays. In 2013, she won the Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award for Gidion's Knot. She is also a recipient of the Princess Grace Foundation Award (2012).
Gidion's Knot was published in American Theater Magazine and premiered at the Contemporary American Theater Festival in Shepherdstown in 2012. It has been staged more than forty times in various American states.
The play, set in a school, opens when a mother of a recently deceased pupil arrives for a meeting with her son’s teacher. This was initially meant to be a teacher-parent conference including the pupil and school representatives, so the teacher is surprised that the mother has come to see her at all. The ensuing heart-stopping conversation deals with the relationship between a grieving mother, Corryn, and an emotionally overwhelmed teacher, Heather. Corryn's son, an elementary school pupil, committed suicide on the day he was expelled from school. Gidion may have been bullied severely, or he may have been an abuser harassing others. Over the course of their conversation, the women try to find out what led Gidion to the tragic act. It is a play dealing with many key issues pertaining to education system, the responsibility of teaching professionals, freedom of expression, the roles of parents and teachers in an increasingly chaotic world. The current problems of school system, the rights and duties of teachers, parents and pupils are among the most urgent issues of contemporary society. It is our firm belief that theatre should also address burning issues of our society. Therefore, we have recently presented plays dealing with dementia (The Father), societal acceptance of disabilities (The Child Behind the Eyes), and school system (Gidion's Knot).


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