SLG CeljeSLG Celje

Matija Solce


Director Matija Solce

Site-specific omnibus of theatre and music 
World premiere
Opening May 2024


Matija Solce is a director, puppeteer, actor, composer and musician. He obtained his PhD in Musical Aspects of Object Theatre at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Theatre Academy DAMU in Prague, where he now occasionally lectures. A recipient of several prestigious national and international awards, Solce has toured the world several times with his original productions. In Celje he will present his theatre project designed to turn the city of Celje into a site of theatre.
Let fate be fate, Zeus ordered at the beginning and set in motion the wheels of a ten-year long war campaign. The fair city of Troy was defeated, its few survivors sailed away to find a new home. Long they sailed... no less than ten treacherous years did the victors of the Troyan war wander in search of their ancient home, in search of wasted time. Their sons sought them, their wives waited for them, monsters preyed on them and exacted their toll, gods tested them, mutually showing off their superior vanity. 
This theatre-and-music site-specific omnibus reawakens the ancient Troy Secundo and invites the audience on a journey through time. Behind doors, windows and walls, in the labyrinths of Keleia, Celia, Zellie, Cillia, Cila, Cel'a, Celje, the ancient heroes are still alive. Achilles of today can be found behind a newsagent's counter, Agamemnon gives guided tours, Odysseus downloads a parking app, we give Paris alms outside a store, we buy a snack at Hector's, Helen takes us by surprise appearing on a cabaret stage. A modern odyssey inverts a sceptical look at the present day and uses a variety of performance techniques to transform former Roman streets, medieval cellars, Renaissance facades, neo-Renaissance balconies, modern studios, shop windows, theatre dressing rooms and doctor's surgeries into creative venues, where young heroes get old, and the eternally and ubiquitously recurring generation gaps are being dismantled. The battle of the sexes writhes like a supple snake, wit and ingenuity smile mischievously, potency shows itself off blatantly, and will to power irreversibly lurks beyond the edge of the visible, tempting, seducing, perverting even the most steadfast. 
Original project 3JA! by Matija Solce will turn the princely city of Celje into a site of theatre. A theatrical journey through a paraphrase of ancient characters, situations and atmospheres is also a live cabaret and a performance, a light art installation, and a sound trail through the urban labyrinth of Celje, an outdoor performative intervention and a puppet grotesque play in a tavern. The audience will embark on the journey in small groups, from the same starting point (of here and now) and will be randomly given directions by an interactive map to venues all over the city, with the past being mirrored in memorials, contours, atmospheres, associations, and themes. The creative tour will reunite theatre travellers in the familiar here and now, in the grand finale of a community bonded by art. 
Tomorrow, our today will be the past, so let us sing right away hymns to the ignored heroes of perpetual every day, who will die and be born, love and hate each other, fight and wander, get lost and search each other, create and demolish – while Time will run its course…  

Celje as a labyrinth, turning its hidden nooks and crannies into theatre venues.