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Tragic farce

Opening 18 March 2011 

Antigone's central topic is burial and the prohibition of burial. Antigone's uncle Creon, the new king of Thebes, forbids the burial of Polyneices' body that is to be thrown to the vultures, while his brother Eteocles is to be buried observing burial rites. Antigone defies this edict and decides to bury her brother's body.

At the remnants of civilization Antigone disobeys the edict of the king of Thebes. Creon and Antigone's conflict escalates to catastrophic proportions. They both hope to win the citizens' support. Creon cannot be a ruler without their support, whereas Antigone expects their understanding. In the city pervaded with public secrets, in which no one knows who knows what and how much, everyone plays their own game. It turns out that power belongs to those who act in the background and make decision about the fate of individuals and of the state.

Translated by Kajetan Gantar
Directed and adapted for the stage  by Anđelka Nikolić
Dramaturg Tatjana Doma
Set Designer Vesna Štrbac
Costume Designer Bjanka Adžić Ursulov
Composer Branko Rožman
Language Consultant Metka Damjan
Lighting Designer Andrej Hajdinjak


Antigone Pia Zemljič
Ismene Tanja Potočnik
Creon Renato Jenček
Guard Blaž Setnikar
Haemon Aljoša Koltak
Tiresias Bojan Umek
Messenger David Čeh
Euridyce Lučka Počkaj


One of the Chosen Citizens Suzana Grau
Young Chosen Citizen Nina Rakovec
Old Chosen Citizen Branko Završan
One of the Chosen Citizens Rastko Krošl
Young Chosen Citizen Damjan M. Trbovc
  • Branko Završan, Damjan M. Trbovc, Suzana Grau, Blaž setnikar, Nina Rakovec, Pia Zemljič, Tanja Potoč

  • Damjan M. Trbovc, Branko Završan, Tanja Potočnik, Rastko Krošl, Nina Rakovec, Suzana Grau, Pia Zemlj

  • Damjan M. Trbovc, Suzana Grau, Branko Završan, Rastko Krošl, Renato Jenček, Nina Rakovec

  • David Čeh, Blaž Setnikar

  • David Čeh, Bojan Umek, Damjan M. Trbovc, Renato Jenček, Rastko Krošl, Branko Završan

  • David Čeh, Branko Završan, Damjan M. Trbovc, Nina Rakovec, Raastko Krošl, Suzana Grau

  • David Čeh, Branko Završan, Nina Rakovec, Damjan M. Trbovc, Rastko Krošl, Suzana Grau

  • David Čeh, Branko Završan, Nina Rakovec, Suzana Grau, Rastko Krošl

  • David Čeh, Lučka Počkaj

  • Lučka Počkaj

  • Pia Zemljič

  • Pia Zemljič, Branko Završan, Rastko Krošl, Damjan M. Trbovc, Suzana Grau, Nina Rakovec

  • Pia Zemljič, Tanja Potočnik

  • Pia Zemljič, Tanja Potočnik

  • Renato Jenček, Aljoša Koltak, Branko Završan, Damjan M. Trbovc, Rastko Krošl, Suzana Grau, Nina Rako

  • Suzana Grau, Branko Završan, Renato Jenček, Damjan M. Trbovc, Rastko Krošl

  • Suzana Grau, Nina Rakovec, David Čeh, Aljoša Koltak