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Anton Tomaž Linhart

The Mayor's Daughter



Opening 8 October 2010

The Mayor's Daughter was the first play in the Slovene language performed on the premises of the present day Celje theatre as early as in 1849. It was also Linhart's first attempt at playwriting in the Slovene language after his juvenile plays had been written in German.
The Mayor's Daughter was inspired by the Enlightenment ideas that encouraged common sense of the country folk and criticized idle and deprived ways of nobility. Linhart added to his critique of contemporary society a national and-anti German content as well.

Jaka, the Mayor, wants his daughter Micka to marry Anže, a country lad. Micka, however, prefers Schönheim, an urban gentleman, who gave her an engagement ring. As the play unfolds, it turns out the gentleman's intentions with Micka were dishonest as he was only fooling around with her. Schönheim is namely engaged to a wealthy widow Mrs. Šternfeld. The ring Schönheim gave Micka is the ring Mrs. Šternfeld had given him. All protagonists join forces to undo the deceitful Schönheim’s machinations. The play has a happy ending: Micka marries Anže, while the wealthy widow chases away her fraudulent fiancé Schönheim.

Director Luka Martin Škof
Dramaturg Tina Kosi
Set Designer Miha Knific
Costume Designer Nadja Bedjanič
Composer of the original score and Performer of folk songs Mirko Vuksanovič
Language Consultant Metka Damjan
Movement Tina Valentan


Tulpenheim Aljoša Koltak
Mrs. Šternfeld Barbara Medvešček
Monkof David Čeh
Jaka Igor Sancin
Micka Pia Zemljič
Anže Tarek Rashid
Glažek Bojan Umek
Village guards Marko Poček, David Vitez, Dani Les

  • Aljoša Koltak, David Čeh

  • Aljoša Koltak, David Čeh, Bojan Umek, Igor Sancin

  • Aljoša Koltak, David Čeh, Bojan Umek, Barbara Medvešček,Tarek Rashid, Igor Sancin

  • Aljoša Koltak, David Čeh, Bojan Umek, Igor Sancin, Tarek Rashid, Pia Zemljič

  • Bojan Umek, Igor Sancin, Pia Zemljič

  • David Čeh, Aljoša Koltak, Barbara Medvešček, Igor Sancin

  • Marko Poček, David Vitez, Dani Les, Pia Zemljič

  • Pia Zemljič

  • Pia Zemljič

  • Pia Zemljič, Igor Sancin

  • Pia Zemljič, Igor Sancin