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Erich Kästner

Annaluise and Anton

Play for Children

Erich Kästner (1899–1974) wrote his novel Annaluise and Anton (Pünktchen und Anton) in 1931, two years after the publication of his first and best-known children's novel Emil and the Detectives which remains hugely popular even today.  Kästner followed up on his success with The 35th of May (1931), The Flying Classroom (1933), The Animals' Conference (1949), Lisa and Lottie (1949) and many others. Even when writing for children, Kästner was primarily a political writer. His stories for children reflect his social optimism based on the belief that every new generation has a potential to change the world. It is characteristic of his fiction for children that it is set in real time and place.
When asked about Annaluise and Anton he once famously said that "this story is most unusual because it is unusual to begin with, and because it really happened".

Its main protagonists are called Annaluise and Anton. Annaluise's father is a well-to-do company director who seeks escape from domestic problems in his job, while her mother is totally preoccupied by spending money. Whenever faced with a problem, she gets a splitting headache. Annaluise is looked after by her minder, Miss Piety, who is prone to drinking and often ends up bullied by her fiancé Robert Devilish.
Anton is being raised by a single mother who is very ill. During her illness, Anton, who is an only son, has to take care of his family's finances and consequently falls back on his schoolwork.
Annaluise has too much of everything, but is lacking terribly on her parents' love and attention. Anton, on the other hand, has to grow up quickly and start earning money. Still, his home is filled with love and emotional warmth. Annaluise and Anton get to know each other one night when Anton is selling shoelaces and matches at the Fisherman's Bridge in order to raise some money. Annaluise is forced to sell matches by her drunken minder who has to provide her sly fiancé Robert with money. Annaluise is having great fun selling matches, while Anton, who has to sell buttons to make ends meet, hates late night begging. Robert Devilish has evil plans that are luckily thwarted by Anton's bravery.
Annaluise and Anton soon become close and inseparable friends in spite of their different social backgrounds. They are totally oblivious of their seemingly unbridgeable social differences and realize quickly that life is much more enjoyable and simpler when it is shared.

Annaluise and Anton is a story about love and honest friendship, but also about the inability of money to make people feel happy and loved. However, money can make one's life simpler and less worrisome.
Although it was written more than eighty years ago, the story remains topical and intriguing. Parents of today hardly have any time for their children, or they are often too lazy to spend quality time with them. Children are left to their own devices or in the care of irresponsible and incompetent minders; bad guys are desperate to win ill-gotten money and take advantage of naive children. Many children have to grow up too quickly because of their parents' financial troubles, and are therefore robbed of their carefree childhood.

Erich Kästner once said:  "Most people lay aside their childhood just like a worn-out hat. They forget it as if it were a phone number that no longer exists. Once they used to be children, then they grew up, but what are they really? Only a person who grew up but remains a child is a human being."

Stage Adapter and Director Jaka Andrej Vojevec
Dramaturg Tatjana Doma
Set Designer Branko Hojnik
Costume Designer Jelena Proković
Composer Rok Golob
Video Animation Zoran Arizanović
Illustrations Mojca Žorž
Language Consultant Jože Volk
Annaluise Nina Rakovec
Anton Blaž Setnikar
Mr. Kramer Rastko Krošl
Mrs. Kramer Manca Ogorevc
Miss Piety Minca Lorenci
Big Bertha Igor Žužek
Anton's Mother Anica Kumer (guest appearance)
Beenah the Cripple David Čeh
Robert the Devil Igor Sancin
Waiter Zvone Agrež
Police Officer Mario Šelih
Professor Index Finger Bojan Umek

Opening 2 December 2011
  • Nina Rakovec, Blaž Setnikar

  • Pikica in Tonček

  • Rastko Krošl, Igor Žužek

  • Rastko Krošl, Igor Žužek, Minca Lorenci

  • I. Žužek, R. Krošl, N. Rakovec, M. Lorenci, M. Ogorevc

  • Igor Žužek, Nina Rakovec, Minca Lorenci, Rastko Krošl, Manca Ogorevc

  • Igor Žužek, Nina Rakovec

  • Igor Žužek, Nina Rakovec

  • Igor Žužek, Minca Lorenci

  • Blaž Setnikar, Nina Rakovec

  • Nina Rakovec, Blaž Setnikar, Anica Kumer

  • Nina Rakovec, Blaž Setnikar

  • R. Krošl, A. Kumer, B. Umek, I. Sancin, M. Ogorevc, M. Šelih

  • A. Kumer, R. Krošl, I. Sancin. Z. Agrež, M. Lorenci, M. Ogorevc, M. Šelih

  • R. Krošl, A. Kumer, N. Rakovec, B. Setnikar, M. Ogorevc, M. Šelih

  • R. Krošl, A. Kumer, N. Rakovec, B. Setnikar, M. Ogorevc, M. Šelih

  • Nina Rakovec, Minca Lorenci, David Čeh

  • David Čeh, Blaž Setnikar, Nina Rakovec, Minca Lorenci

  • Bojan Umek, Nina Rakovec

  • Manca Ogorevc, Zvone Agrež, Bojan Umek, Anica Kumer

  • Mario Šelih, Blaž Setnikar

  • Rastko Krošl, David Čeh

  • Minca Lorenci, Igor Sancin, Blaž Setnikar

  • Nina Rakovec, Minca Lorenci, Igor Sancin, Blaž Setnikar

  • Blaž Setnikar, Igor Žužek

  • Igor Sancin, Igor Žužek

  • Nina Rakovec, Manca Ogorevc, Minca Lorenci, Rastko Krošl

  • N. Rakovec, A. Kumer, R. Krošl, B. Setnikar, M. Ogorevc, I. Sancin, I. Žužek, M. Šelih

  • Blaž Setnikar, Nina Rakovec, Rastko krošl, Manca Ogorevc, Mario Šelih

  • Anica Kumer, Blaž Setnikar, Manca Ogorevc, Rastko Krošl, Nina Rakovec

  • Anica Kumer, Nina Rakovec, Rastko Krošl, Blaž Setnikar, Manca Ogorevc

  • Anica Kumer, Nina Rakovec, Rastko Krošl, Blaž Setnikar

  • Blaž Setnikar, Nina Rakovec, Minca Lorenci, Igor Sancin

  • Nina Rakovec, Blaž Setnikar, Minca Lorenci, Igor Sancin