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Slobodan Obradović

Robin Hood

Robin Hud

Director Samo M. Strelec

Play for children
First Slovenian production 
Translator Milan Dekleva
Director Samo M. Strelec
Opening night 17 September 2022


The most famous story in English folklore, the legend of Robin Hood is believed to originate in the 12th century. Today, Robin Hood is best known as a champion of justice who decided to take from the rich and give to the poor. The story has undergone numerous revisions, embellishments and even censorship. It is known in various versions and adaptations in literature, television and film. 
The Serbian dramaturg Slobodan Obradović was fascinated as a child by the film The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn in the title role, in which Robin Hood is portrayed as a good-natured, jovial and righteous renegade of the Sherwood Forest, a skilful archer and a flirt rebelling against the rule of the wicked King John. He fights for justice and better life of the poor and wins the heart of the beautiful Maid Marian. The stage adaptation by Obradović tells an entertaining story of Robin Hood’s heroic deeds, set in a time when honour and courage were still cherished. 
Good King Richard the Lionheart and his army go to the Third Crusade, and his power-hungry and cruel brother, Prince John, takes over the power. He raises taxes and plunders the kingdom, he burns down homes, steals and kills. Robin Hood and his father do not join the army but take refuge in the Sherwood Forest with their followers. They declare war on callous bullies and promise to help all those in need and restore order, peace and prosperity in the kingdom. This is a romantic and dangerous story about rules and rule-breaking, and the right to civil disobedience. 
It is also a story about our time, especially about the conformity of the adults, wasting the future of young people by their decisions and actions. It is time to address the issue of greed that has brought today’s society to the brink of destruction. Young people have begun to stand up against it, drawing attention to environmental and social changes and demand immediate action. In a world where values are no longer obvious, compassion and humanity will have to be relearned. Young people are ready to take risks, to stand up to adults and call on them to act more responsibly. 

Robin Hood is a champion of social justice who takes from the rich to help the poor.

  • Jagoda, R. Krošl, U. Kuntarič, E. Stražar, B. Medvešček, T. Potočnik, T. Rashid

  • Damjan M. Trbovc

  • Jagoda, Eva Stražar, Barbara Medvešček

  • David Čeh, Jagoda

  • Eva Stražar, Urban Kuntarič, Barbara Medvešček

  • Andrej Murenc, Mario Šelih, Urban Kuntarič

  • Barbara Medvešček, David Čeh, Eva Stražar

  • Manca Ogorevc, Tanja Potočnik, Renato Jenček, Urban Kuntarič

  • David Čeh, Andrej Murenc

  • Tarek Rashid, Barbara Medvešček, Eva Stražar

  • B. Medvešček, E. Stražar, R. Jenček, U. Kuntarič, T. Potočnik, M. Ogorevc, T. Rashid

  • Tanja Potočnik, Manca Ogorevc, Eva Stražar, Urban Kuntarič

  • David Čeh, Jagoda, Barbara Medvešček, Eva Stražar

  • B. Medvešček, T. Rashid, U. Kuntarič, Jagoda, M. Ogorevc, T. Potočnik, R. Jenček

  • Jagoda, R. Krošl, T. Potočnik, U. Kuntarič, M. Ogorevc, E. Stražar, R. Jenček, T. Rashid